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Comb Duck

Sarkidiornis melanotos

IUCN Red Data status: Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status: Intra-African migrant     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Abe Bailey Nature Reserve (GP01000000078002.11453
Albasini Water Conservancy (NP0000010000000050.021
Albert Falls Resource Reserve (KZ180000000000134.81266
Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary (GP17100000330400250012.8476
Balule Private Game Reserve (NP000005000000020.051
Barberspan Nature Reserve (SA026) (NW01003300000010008.3484
Bierspruit Dam Conservation Area (NP383340405040254001402032.25919
Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve (SA039) (NW0000010000000020.051
Blythedale Beach Conservancy (KZ3000000000051.61282
Borakalalo National Park (NW47000007000386716.012520
Bronkhorstspruitdam Nature Reserve (GP00010008900003.01013
Chelmsford Nature Reserve (SA059) (KZ025000001002500010.3293
Cleveland Game Park (NP500330002500500020.8245
Combretum Private Nature Reserve (NP000000670000022.292
Con Joubert Bird Park (GP00000013000001.9531
Crystal Springs Private Game Reserve (MP0000000000201.2861
Darvill Bird Sanctuary (KZ60000001400001.81653
Ditholo Nature Reserve (GP001700002501000016.7244
Djuma Game Reserve (MP001000000000004.8211
DNyala Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP6025175001713143313436727.17019
Enkeldoornspoort Nature Reserve (NP0000000100000020.051
Glen Austin Pan Bird Sanctuary (GP0900000000000.81271
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CB (SA058) (KZ00010000330255050033.3186
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AD (SA058) (KZ00000000002001.1881
Hans Hohelsen Private Nature Reserve (NP5000500000000010.0202
Hans Merensky Nature Reserve (NP40402533251100000013.8588
Hartebeespoort Dam Nature Reserve (SA025) (NW0000014003300145.5553
Hoedspruit Airforce Base (NP0000010000000033.331
Jejane Private Nature Reserve (NP100000000000004.4452
Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve (KZ0000300000000.24041
Klaserie Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP0006000000002.0491
Klipfontein Bird Sanctuary (KZ00000000500005.0201
Korsman Bird Sanctuary (= Westdene Nature Reserve) (GP0700000006001.01972
Kruger National Park 2230DB (SA002) (NP05000000000004.2241
Kruger National Park 2231AC (SA002) (NP402000000014003310.8748
Kruger National Park 2231AD (SA002) (NP1740025000000009.1444
Kruger National Park 2231CA (SA002) (NP42331803120000112210.317418
Kruger National Park 2231CC (SA002) (NP00000000000504.2241
Kruger National Park 2231CD (SA002) (NP50000000000005.3191
Kruger National Park 2331AA (SA002) (NP600001000000005029.6278
Kruger National Park 2331AB (SA002) (NP227000000207332712.610313
Kruger National Park 2331AC (SA002) (NP402005000501000100100042.9219
Kruger National Park 2331AD (SA002) (NP03300000000007.1141
Kruger National Park 2331BC (SA002) (NP1000000000000013.3152
Kruger National Park 2331CB (SA002) (NP080143325000000010.6667
Kruger National Park 2331CC (SA002) (NP100000000700003.8522
Kruger National Park 2331CD (SA002) (NP5050000331700005013.9365
Kruger National Park 2331DA (SA002) (NP010000000000007.7131
Kruger National Park 2331DC (SA002) (NP332513140001300225016.98915
Kruger National Park 2431AB (SA002) (MP00720900000004.2713
Kruger National Park 2431AD (SA002) (MP804014630015000298625.89324
Kruger National Park 2431BA (SA002) (MP170000000000255.2583
Kruger National Park 2431BC (SA002) (MP1017140205000014293312.7719
Kruger National Park 2431BD (SA002) (MP186700150000108010.59510
Kruger National Park 2431DA (SA002) (MP050000000002005.1392
Kruger National Park 2431DB (SA002) (MP2005010000000020019.4316
Kruger National Park 2431DC (SA002) (MP25000000000002.1972
Kruger National Park 2431DD (SA002) (MP050000000009175.8523
Kruger National Park 2531AB (SA002) (MP0100000000002108.8575
Kruger National Park 2531BB (SA002) (MP50250050000131807.4816
Kruger National Park 2531BC (SA002) (MP03300000000002.4411
Kruger National Park 2531BD (SA002) (MP00000000000333.1321
Letaba Ranch (NP01700000005003311.9425
Limpopo National Park (Vhembe Nature Reserve) (SA001) (NP10000001000001000023.5174
Londolozi Private Nature Reserve (MP2503300005180007.1997
Mabalingwe Private Nature Reserve (NP67000000000009.5212
Mabula Game Lodge (NP33000000700204.1743
Magaliesberg Nature Area (NW00050000000002.6381
Makuya Park (NP1000000000000025.041
Mankwe Wildlife Reserve (NW00000100000000100.011
Manyeleti Game Reserve (SA002) (NP67100670010025000010034.6269
Mapungubwe National Park (NP1001300000000010033.3217
Marakele National Park (SA007) (NP03300000000004.5221
Marievale Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP07194003000032.736910
Marloth Park Conservancy (MP00000000000505.3191
Masebe Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP0500000000007518.2224
Middle Vaal River (SA038) (FS00000000050001.6621
Mkhombo Nature Reserve (MP207000000010074513.77310
Mkuzi Game Reserve (SA057) (KZ370131272524613159.655253
Moepelplaas Nature Reserve (NP00331000000000013.3152
Mokolo Dam Nature Reserve (Hans Strijdom) (NP25000000000100018.2112
Morokapula Private Nature Reserve (NP000000000330020.051
Mosdene Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP050100501000100050505010055.22916
Ndumo Game Reserve (SA052) (KZ00500000240394.425011
Northern Farms Nature Reserve (Diepsloot NR) (SA025) (GP002967402525330100019.06312
Northern Treatment Works (KZ00000000029001.71162
Nyalazi Conservancy (KZ0000000100000050.021
Nyl River Bush Camp (NP100000001001000000100.033
Nylsvley Nature Reserve (SA008) (NP26504027205018913762325.016441
Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve (MP00000000001106.9292
Olifantsvlei Nature Reserve (GP00015000007001.71743
Paarl Bird Sanctuary (WC0000000009401.24966
Palala River Reserve (NP0000000000010025.041
Pilanesberg National Park 2527AA (SA023) (NW0060000000000.52001
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Bird Sanctuary (NP6733000252040437101728.36017
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Nature Reserve (SA006) (NP253317000008016810.19910
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Sewage Works (NP501002500000501000025.0205
Pongola Nature Reserve (KZ000000000500146.5312
Rietvlei Nature Reserve (GP0000040000000.42261
Rondebult Bird Sanctuary (GP7000000000000.71381
Rooipoort (4) (X) (NC50000000000009.1111
Rust de Winter Dam Nature Reserve (NP0330334067572914005025.45915
Rynfield Nature Reserve (GP00000000003302.1471
San Lameer Conservancy (KZ00000020000002.1471
Sandveld Nature Reserve (SA039) (FS0252217213500000012.020825
Selati Game Reserve (NP000000000013403.41164
Seringveld Conservancy (GP00000270000004.6653
Soetdoring Nature Reserve (SA049) (FS0008192503000005.51458
Stan Madden Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP05010010010001001000010010070.61712
Tala Game Reserve (KZ00100000000001.01051
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP25701200000025145.617810
Turfloop Nature Reserve (NP0000003310010000033.393
Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP25000000000072.1952
Umbogavango Nature Reserve (KZ00001100900001.91062
Umvoti Estuary (166) (SA073) (KZ0000080009001.01952
Vaalbos National Park (NC10000000000003.1321
Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (NW0303811675502525031824.812531