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Yellow-billed Stork

Mycteria ibis

IUCN Red Data status: NT Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status: Partial migrant     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Abe Bailey Nature Reserve (GP77604030000102150818941.414560
Addo Elephant National Park 3325DA (EC0000000090000.71451
Albert Falls Resource Reserve (KZ0700000000000.81261
Balele Mountain Reserve (KZ0070000007055.1784
Barberspan Nature Reserve (SA026) (NW830671433000040888356.34827
Bierspruit Dam Conservation Area (NP500202000254001404020.35912
Blesbokspruit (SA021) (GP50100000000000013.3152
Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve (SA039) (NW1000000000000040.052
Blythedale Beach Conservancy (KZ3000000000051.61282
Bonamanzi Game Park (240) (KZ005001725331701301008.6938
Borakalalo National Park (NW40602500800011563320.012525
Boskopdam Nature Reserve (NW500000000000033.331
Buffelsdrift Conservancy (GP00000000017000.81271
Chrissie Pans 2630AC (SA019) (MP00100000000000100.022
Cleveland Game Park (NP7510033025100100001000058.32414
Combretum Private Nature Reserve (NP0000000100000022.292
Darvill Bird Sanctuary (KZ0000000000600.61651
DNyala Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP602500000000005.7704
Dukuduku State Forest (GSL) (SA058) (KZ0000000010000010.0101
False Bay Park (GSL) (SA058) (KZ00004300292050433318.06111
Gariep Dam Nature Reserve (SA051) (FS05000000000006.3161
Glen Austin Pan Bird Sanctuary (GP0000000000060.81271
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CB (SA058) (KZ100001000067100885050077.81814
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AB (SA058) (KZ10000006700805003333.33010
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AD (SA058) (KZ0700000905233806734.18830
Hans Merensky Nature Reserve (NP000000004000505.2583
Hartebeespoort Dam Nature Reserve (SA025) (NW00000000025001.8551
Hluhluwe Game Reserve (HUP) (SA060) (KZ0007000620151708.511710
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BD (SA060) (KZ000000400033007.5403
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2832AA (SA060) (KZ0005000000203309.1333
Ilanda Wilds Nature Reserve (KZ02000000000001.7591
Korsman Bird Sanctuary (= Westdene Nature Reserve) (GP1021914000060805.119710
Kruger National Park 2231AC (SA002) (NP10200022002514220010.8748
Kruger National Park 2231AD (SA002) (NP17201700503302500013.6446
Kruger National Park 2231CA (SA002) (NP80000070001102.31744
Kruger National Park 2231CC (SA002) (NP00000000500004.2241
Kruger National Park 2231CD (SA002) (NP5000000000017010.5192
Kruger National Park 2331AA (SA002) (NP2000000000050011.1273
Kruger National Park 2331AB (SA002) (NP5653255007527506064677351.510353
Kruger National Park 2331AC (SA002) (NP60005000100010010010010052.42111
Kruger National Park 2331AD (SA002) (NP067000000000014.3142
Kruger National Park 2331BA (SA002) (NP50000000001003310030.8134
Kruger National Park 2331CB (SA002) (NP40405700060063332925.86617
Kruger National Park 2331CC (SA002) (NP00000001400003.8522
Kruger National Park 2331CD (SA002) (NP50000001733050010022.2368
Kruger National Park 2331DA (SA002) (NP010000000001000023.1133
Kruger National Park 2331DC (SA002) (NP53753814001405073783841.68937
Kruger National Park 2331DD (SA002) (NP00050000500067040.0104
Kruger National Park 2431AA (SA002) (MP000000000670066.732
Kruger National Park 2431AB (SA002) (MP013000000025004.2713
Kruger National Park 2431BA (SA002) (MP75003001003343067805046.65827
Kruger National Park 2431BB (SA002) (MP000000000100006.3161
Kruger National Park 2431BC (SA002) (MP100000050000002.8712
Kruger National Park 2431BD (SA002) (MP000000080108134.2954
Kruger National Park 2431DB (SA002) (MP20000000000003.2311
Kruger National Park 2431DC (SA002) (MP000000017150084.1974
Kruger National Park 2431DD (SA002) (MP000000003302707.7524
Kruger National Park 2531BA (SA002) (MP000002500001304.8422
Kruger National Park 2531BB (SA002) (MP507511016170010088643639.58132
Kruger National Park 2531BD (SA002) (MP500000000100010012.5324
Leeuwfontein Collaborative Nature Reserve (GP00000017000001.9521
Letaba Ranch (NP050000005025005028.64212
Limpopo National Park (Vhembe Nature Reserve) (SA001) (NP000001000000005.9171
Lissataba Nature Reserve (NP10000002502540505010033.33010
Londolozi Private Nature Reserve (MP0000000500001.0991
Makalali Private Nature Reserve (NP000000002500012.581
Malandeni Sewage Works (KZ067250000000009.1333
Manyeleti Game Reserve (SA002) (NP000000000200507.7262
Mapelane Forest Reserve (GSL) (SA057) (KZ6710004000000100100040.94418
Mapungubwe National Park (NP8050000251001001000010061.92113
Maria Moroka National Park (FS47673670000530455426.719552
Marievale Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP1938482495303061814.136952
Marloth Park Conservancy (MP00000000000505.3191
Mhlosinga Private Nature Reserve (sz010000000000007.7131
Middle Vaal River (SA038) (FS63020000000001311.3627
Mihobi Nature Reserve (KZ00000001000000100.011
Mkhombo Nature Reserve (MP90100860000010005310067.17349
Mkuzi Game Reserve (SA057) (KZ26706150575035514747382344.6552246
Mosdene Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP01001004000500501005010051.72915
Ndumo Game Reserve (SA052) (KZ55335339538259737350666460.0250150
Northern Farms Nature Reserve (Diepsloot NR) (SA025) (GP000020000010003.2632
Nyl River Bush Camp (NP0000001000000033.331
Nylsvley Nature Reserve (SA008) (NP00500330185021057.916413
Olifants River Private Game Reserve (X) (NP000005000005096.7453
Olifantsvlei Nature Reserve (GP0000000000500.61741
Orange River Mouth Wetlands (SA030) (NC20000000000003.6281
Phinda Resource Reserve (204) (KZ14000000000007.1141
Pilanesberg National Park 2527AA (SA023) (NW5619390140001323376021.520043
Pongola Nature Reserve (KZ050500005000100601435.53111
Pongolapoort Nature Reserve (SA055) (KZ0000000100007110060.0159
Pumalanga Game Ranch (KZ000000005000033.331
Richards Bay Game Reserve (SA079) (KZ25000000000010015.4132
Rondebult Bird Sanctuary (GP0050000000000.71381
Rust de Winter Dam Nature Reserve (NP0000200014140005.1593
Rustfontein Nature Reserve (FS033000000000012.581
Sandveld Nature Reserve (SA039) (FS43022260000021132013.520828
Selati Game Reserve (NP40000000000001.71162
Sodwana State Forest (SA058) (KZ0010005000006750062.585
Soetdoring Nature Reserve (SA049) (FS5075201560001429585029.014542
Spitskop Dam (SA028) (NC50100000000000033.362
St Lucia Marine Reserve (SA058) (KZ0000000000100033.331
St Lucia Park (SA058) (KZ1300100005000184310030.24313
Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve (SA022) (GP5000000400401.12833
Tembe Elephant Park (KZ01700000000000.71401
Thulazihleka Pan (KZ010067050000000025.0164
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP0006000000000.61781
Tussen-die-Riviere Nature Reserve (FS00000000000333.7542
Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP0700000000001.1951
Umfolozi Game Reserve (SA060) (KZ020020330001915503115.510316
Umgeni River Park (KZ00000090708203.81315
Umlalazi Nature Reserve (SA063) (KZ00000000011001.01011
Umvoti Estuary (166) (SA073) (KZ0000006000000.51951
Vaal Dam Nature Reserve (GP00330000000006.9292
Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (NW840232233188250015016.012520
Willem Pretorius Game Reserve (SA044) (FS01160000000002.9682