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Croaking Cisticola

Cisticola natalensis

IUCN Red Data status: Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status:     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Albasini Water Conservancy (NP0000010000000050.021
Albert Falls Resource Reserve (KZ55712013000101450422731.012639
Amatikulu Nature Reserve (KZ67100060174320337171786759.46941
Badplaas Private Nature Reserve (MP0000000000010010.0101
Balele Mountain Reserve (KZ0070000000001.3781
Barberton Mountainlands Nature Reserve (MP10010067504025671001006710010076.05038
Bayhead Natural Heritage Site (209) (KZ00000006660102.21854
Bisley Valley Nat. Reserve (KZ1500000017140006.3644
Blinkwater Nature Reserve (SA070) (KZ0000000000100050.042
Bluff Nature Reserve (KZ0500000040000.63202
Bonamanzi Game Park (240) (KZ5000241725017234041029.09327
Cape Vidal State Forest (GSL) (SA058) (KZ05000000000100010.5192
Corridor Game Reserve (HUP) (SA060) (KZ10000000000000100.011
Cotswold Downs Estate (KZ05025000000501006735.72810
Crystal Springs Private Game Reserve (MP00000000000141.2861
Cumberland Nature Reserve (320) (KZ6382272320033295093918655.512871
Darvill Bird Sanctuary (KZ22070080141514607.916513
Dhlinza Forest Nature Reserve (SA067) (KZ00000000011002.0511
Dwesa Wildlife Reserve (SA089) (EC000000000100009.1111
Eastern Shores State Forest (KZ5001000000001000085.776
Enseleni Nature Reserve (KZ0000330000005010.0202
Entumeni Nature Reserve (SA066) (KZ0000505000000012.5162
False Bay Park (GSL) (SA058) (KZ00000050000001.6611
Game Valley Estates (44) (KZ1004050000050000025.0205
Giants Castle Nature Reserve (NDP) (SA064) (KZ00000071700002.01022
Goudhoek Farm (30) (KZ2238000000750609.014513
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CB (SA058) (KZ00000000050005.6181
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AB (SA058) (KZ05005000002000010.0303
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AD (SA058) (KZ0300000001033008.0887
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832BA (SA058) (KZ000100000000010025.082
Hazelmere Dam Private Nature Reserve (KZ00000000025005.0201
Hillandale Conservancy (KZ1008320013001463505710036.08932
Hluhluwe Game Reserve (HUP) (SA060) (KZ450100434000191554508036.811743
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BD (SA060) (KZ100100003302050113350027.54011
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2832AA (SA060) (KZ33500050000256033024.2338
Impendle Nature Reserve (SA077) (KZ1005000000000505046.7157
Itala Nature Reserve (SA056) (KZ7371443322332571742357137.214855
Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve (KZ991275932131312228.440434
Klipfontein Bird Sanctuary (KZ175010000000000015.0203
Klipfontein Dam Nature Reserve (KZ1001000000003300016.7183
Kosi Bay System (SA053) (KZ00000001000000100.011
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve (KZ330000000256702010.8748
Kruger National Park 2231AC (SA002) (NP00000000011001.4741
Kruger National Park 2231CA (SA002) (NP0000060000000.61741
Kruger National Park 2331CC (SA002) (NP0000000700001.9521
Kruger National Park 2431BA (SA002) (MP00000000017001.7581
Kruger National Park 2431BC (SA002) (MP00000000014001.4711
Kruger National Park 2431DB (SA002) (MP00000000002003.2311
Kruger National Park 2431DC (SA002) (MP000001700025084.1974
Kruger National Park 2531AA (SA002) (MP500000000000014.371
Kruger National Park 2531AB (SA002) (MP01002500000200007.0574
Kruger National Park 2531AD (SA002) (MP01000006700011175014.0507
Kruger National Park 2531BA (SA002) (MP00000000040004.8422
Kruger National Park 2531BB (SA002) (MP0501105170000006.2815
Kruger National Park 2531BC (SA002) (MP00000000002502.4411
Kruger National Park 2531BD (SA002) (MP00000000002006.3322
Kube Yini Private Game Reserve (KZ005000000000033.362
Lake Eland Game Reserve (KZ000000100100000066.732
Lake Sibaya Fresh Water Reserve (SA054) (KZ000000005000016.761
Londolozi Private Nature Reserve (MP00170000000001.0991
Madwala Conservancy (KZ0000000100000020.051
Malalotja Nature Reserve (SW001) (sz5000500000250333324.1297
Manutsa (92) (NP010000000000005.6181
Manyeleti Game Reserve (SA002) (NP010000100000000011.5263
Matshenesmpisi CCA (KZ00000000100000100.011
Mbumbazi Nature Reserve (KZ100100508308001006050010074.12720
Midmar Nature Reserve (SA076) (KZ20170000000171306.8735
Mihobi Nature Reserve (KZ00000001000000100.011
Mkambati Nature Reserve (SA087) (EC000000000330014.371
Mkuzi Game Reserve (SA057) (KZ11003577412323.655220
Mlawula Game Reserve (SW002) (sz005000000000505.1392
Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary (sz1000000000000020.051
Morgenzon Mountain Veld (MP0000000000145022.292
Mpenjati Nature Reserve (KZ587522803623384364737042.011950
Nagle Resources Private Nature Reserve (KZ000000000001005.3191
Natal National Botanical Gardens (KZ00000500000004.8211
Ndumo Game Reserve (SA052) (KZ00110006060002.02505
Nelspruit Nature Reserve (MP00005000000004.0251
New Germany Nature Reserve (KZ00760011188014186.714910
Nkandla Forest Reserve (KZ0000010000000014.371
Ocean View Guest Farm (75) (EC000100000503300021.4143
Ongoye Forest Reserve (SA065) (KZ03325040017050250020.0459
Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve (SA085) (KZ314011001161566452813.725535
Palmiet Nature Reserve (KZ0940000007001.72304
Paradise Valley Nature Reserve (KZ00000000002501.7591
Phinda Resource Reserve (204) (KZ711700000000010050.0147
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Bird Sanctuary (NP00000000000171.7601
Pongola Nature Reserve (KZ001700050000201412.9314
Pongolapoort Nature Reserve (SA055) (KZ00000010000029020.0153
Pumalanga Game Ranch (KZ000000005000033.331
Qudeni Forest Reserve (KZ0100000000000050.021
Queen Elizabeth Park Nature Reserve (KZ0000033200330007.0433
Roosfontein Nature Reserve (KZ926731251661542044637936.119169
San Lameer Conservancy (KZ2500000014050006.4473
Shongweni Resources Reserve (156) (KZ53320280421133.455619
Sileza Nature Reserve (KZ670000000000050.042
Silverglen Nature Reserve (KZ000000330000016.761
Sodwana State Forest (SA058) (KZ0000000006750037.583
Songimvelo Nature Reserve (SA017) (MP006000000000037.583
Spioenkop Nature Reserve (SA062) (KZ2003312000003645712.510413
Springside Nature Reserve (KZ000020000050401712.7557
St Lucia Game Reserve (SA058) (KZ000000010050004036.4114
St Lucia Marine Reserve (SA058) (KZ0000001000000033.331
St Lucia Park (SA058) (KZ25033100005010002702023.34310
T.C. Robertson Nature Reserve (KZ00000001700001.8571
Tala Game Reserve (KZ82885040292905040821006756.210559
Tanglewood Farm Trust (10) (KZ0100000000000033.331
Tembe Elephant Park (KZ1400000110001703.61405
Ubizane Game Ranch (KZ000000000005025.041
Umdoni Park (KZ02900000000001.31562
Umfolozi Game Reserve (SA060) (KZ204080330001410507721.410322
Umgeni River Park (KZ01100000070001.51312
Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve (55) (KZ802786507132550275724.117442
Umhlanga Conservancy (KZ000017000185050018.37113
Umlalazi Nature Reserve (SA063) (KZ00000000003003.01013
Umsuluzi Riverside Lodge and Game Park (KZ0000000005010010071.475
Umtamvuna Nature Reserve (SA086) (KZ1003375130029005003319.27314
Umvoti Estuary (166) (SA073) (KZ0100000000181904.11958
Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve (KZ10010086478045686277100969079.8252201
Vryheid Hill Nature Reserve (KZ1008050432517014174083045.27333
Weenen Nature Reserve(SA068) (KZ79934232182012335050829155.0260143
Xumeni Forest (KZ0001000000000010.0101