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Sand Martin

Riparia riparia

IUCN Red Data status: Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status: Palearctic migrant     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Abe Bailey Nature Reserve (GP151013010000001406.21459
Albert Falls Resource Reserve (KZ0000000000800.81261
Balele Mountain Reserve (KZ0000000000051.3781
Barberspan Nature Reserve (SA026) (NW00000000010002.1481
Blesbokspruit (SA021) (GP00000000003306.7151
Blythedale Beach Conservancy (KZ29000000001310511.712815
Bonamanzi Game Park (240) (KZ500500000170131409.7939
Boskopdam Nature Reserve (NW500000000000033.331
Bronkhorstspruitdam Nature Reserve (GP00000000001001.01011
Buffelsdrift Conservancy (GP60110000000002.41273
Buffelspruit Nature Reserve (EC000000000250025.041
Chelmsford Nature Reserve (SA059) (KZ02500000000003.4291
Cobham State Forest (NDP) (SA064) (KZ250010000000084.4914
Coleford Nature Reserve (SA080) (KZ0000600000050810.6475
Darvill Bird Sanctuary (KZ6000000007001.21652
Doorndraai Dam Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP00033000000003.7271
Eastern Shores State Forest (KZ500000000000014.371
False Bay Park (GSL) (SA058) (KZ001000000000001.6611
Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary (GP33000000000002.2451
Franklin Vlei (SA081) (KZ00000000002004.8211
Glen Austin Pan Bird Sanctuary (GP09130000000001.61272
Grassland Biosphere Reserve 2730CB (SA020) (KZ003300000000025.041
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CB (SA058) (KZ000100000000005.6181
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AB (SA058) (KZ100000000000003.3301
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AD (SA058) (KZ0006000000001.1881
Hamerkop Bird Sanctuary (GP13000000000001.2811
Korsman Bird Sanctuary (= Westdene Nature Reserve) (GP514000000060143.61977
Kruger National Park 2331AB (SA002) (NP0000000000801.01031
Kruger National Park 2331AC (SA002) (NP20000000000004.8211
Kruger National Park 2331CB (SA002) (NP02000000000001.5661
Kruger National Park 2331DC (SA002) (NP7000000000001.1891
Lichtenburg Game Birding Camp (NW000000000001009.1111
Limpopo National Park (Vhembe Nature Reserve) (SA001) (NP50000000000005.9171
Loteni Nature Reserve (NDP) (SA064) (KZ00000000002002.1471
Malandeni Sewage Works (KZ0670000010025002521.2337
Mapelane Forest Reserve (GSL) (SA057) (KZ33000000000002.3441
Marievale Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP2621304000300231811.136941
Melrose Bird Sanctuary (GP0040000000040.73072
Middle Vaal River (SA038) (FS130000000003303.2622
Midmar Nature Reserve (SA076) (KZ01700000000001.4731
Mkuzi Game Reserve (SA057) (KZ0030000000020.45522
Mosdene Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP00010000000003.4291
Ndumo Game Reserve (SA052) (KZ0000006033001.22503
Northern Farms Nature Reserve (Diepsloot NR) (SA025) (GP000000000050256.3634
Nylsvley Nature Reserve (SA008) (NP11000000000001.21642
Olifantsvlei Nature Reserve (GP503825150000021212916.717429
Outspan Bird Sanctuary (GP6000000000000.61621
Phinda Resource Reserve (204) (KZ29000000000010021.4143
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Bird Sanctuary (NP01700000000001.7601
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Sewage Works (NP00000000000505.0201
Prozesky Bird Sanctuary (NW50000000000007.7131
Rietvlei Nature Reserve (GP00013000000861.82264
Rolfes Pan Nature Reserve (GP5000000006092.21854
Rustenburg Nature Reserve (SA025) (Kgaswane Mountain Reserve) (NW00200000000002.0491
Rynfield Nature Reserve (GP025000000000174.3472
Seringveld Conservancy (GP00000000001301.5651
Shongweni Resources Reserve (156) (KZ0300000000090.75564
Spioenkop Nature Reserve (SA062) (KZ0006000000001.01041
Spitskop Dam (SA028) (NC0100000000000016.761
St Lucia Game Reserve (SA058) (KZ00000000000209.1111
St Lucia Park (SA058) (KZ130000000000407.0433
Stan Madden Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP000000000001005.9171
Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve (SA022) (GP5000000000400.72832
Tala Game Reserve (KZ001000000000171.91052
Thulazihleka Pan (KZ010000000000006.3161
Umbogavango Nature Reserve (KZ00001100000000.91061
Umgeni River Park (KZ0000000000801.51312
Umhlanga Conservancy (KZ02000000003060014.17110
Umvoti Estuary (166) (SA073) (KZ100000000001002.61955
Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (NW80811000000884.01255
Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve (KZ0500000000000.42521
Wakkerstroom Wetland Reserve (220) (MP00000000000143.6562
Weenen Nature Reserve(SA068) (KZ0000000000900.42601