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Red-breasted Swallow

Hirundo semirufa

IUCN Red Data status: Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status: Intra-African migrant     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Ants Nest Private Game Farm (NP17000000000005.6181
Atherstone Nature Reserve (NP0000000010000012.581
Barberspan Nature Reserve (SA026) (NW1700000000102508.3484
Barberton Mountainlands Nature Reserve (MP00000000002502.0501
Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary (GP0000000000070.81261
Benfontein (108) (SA033) (NC0000000132501706.0503
Bierspruit Dam Conservation Area (NP5050404000020100571006035.65921
Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve (SA039) (NW500000000000020.051
Blouberg Nature Reserve (NP00500000010000018.2112
Bonamanzi Game Park (240) (KZ25050002500312718016.19315
Borakalalo National Park (NW6740130087216389817840.812551
Boshof Nature Reserve (FS67100000000000060.053
Botsalano Nature Reserve (SA024) (NW10010050000025801001008664.05032
Botshabelo Nature Reserve (MP100000000000008.3121
Bronkhorstspruitdam Nature Reserve (GP0000000013020504.01014
Buffelsdrift Conservancy (GP1850162000006717773324.412731
Cape Vidal State Forest (GSL) (SA058) (KZ00140000000100010.5192
Combretum Private Nature Reserve (NP000000050000011.191
Con Joubert Bird Park (GP00200000000100255.7533
Corridor Game Reserve (HUP) (SA060) (KZ10000000000000100.011
Crystal Springs Private Game Reserve (MP000000000033023.38620
De Tweedespruit Conservancy (GP01000000000067070.0107
Ditholo Nature Reserve (GP10033000000100505010025.0246
Djuma Game Reserve (MP000000040100005023.8215
DNyala Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP807550000137189100716755.77039
Dome Bergland Conservancy (NW00000000100000100.022
Doorndraai Dam Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP10050000001001001007510040.72711
Dukuduku State Forest (GSL) (SA058) (KZ000000017000010.0101
Eastern Shores State Forest (KZ001000000001000071.475
Enkeldoornspoort Nature Reserve (NP000100000010000040.052
Enseleni Nature Reserve (KZ00000000000505.0201
Faan Meintjies Nature Reserve (NW00000000500009.1111
False Bay Park (GSL) (SA058) (KZ100010000004320006713.1618
Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary (GP00000000001702.2451
Free State National Botanical Gardens (FS00200000000002.3431
Glen Austin Pan Bird Sanctuary (GP2536000000000197.11279
Goudhoek Farm (30) (KZ33257000000150207.614511
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CA (SA058) (KZ10000000009330015.8193
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CB (SA058) (KZ1000000000130100022.2184
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AB (SA058) (KZ0100000000205050016.7305
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AD (SA058) (KZ0400000180143340014.88813
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832BA (SA058) (KZ000000006700025.082
Grootvlei Private Nature Reserve (X) (NP00000000000100100.011
Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve (MP22050330000020333321.2337
Hamerkop Bird Sanctuary (GP0000000000091.2811
Hans Hohelsen Private Nature Reserve (NP00000005000005.0201
Hans Merensky Nature Reserve (NP808075000202580436010043.15825
Happy Rest Nature Reserve (NP0000000100000033.331
Hartebeespoort Dam Nature Reserve (SA025) (NW335014000006725251416.4559
Hluhluwe Game Reserve (HUP) (SA060) (KZ45007000131038426022.211726
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BA (SA060) (KZ1000000000000020.051
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BB (SA060) (KZ0000000001000012.581
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BC (SA060) (KZ0000000001000025.041
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BD (SA060) (KZ01000000006733100032.54013
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2832AA (SA060) (KZ330000003325203310024.2338
Hoedspruit Airforce Base (NP0000000010000033.331
Itala Nature Reserve (SA056) (KZ2700000001786218.114812
Jejane Private Nature Reserve (NP50000000000002.2451
Koppies Dam Nature Reserve (FS000000005000022.292
Kruger National Park 2230DB (SA002) (NP0000000001000508.3242
Kruger National Park 2231AC (SA002) (NP1000000000220175.4744
Kruger National Park 2231AD (SA002) (NP000000002500334.5442
Kruger National Park 2231CA (SA002) (NP17671800070825335617.817431
Kruger National Park 2231CB (SA002) (NP0010000000000050.021
Kruger National Park 2231CC (SA002) (NP0010000000010025012.5243
Kruger National Park 2231CD (SA002) (NP00000000001705.3191
Kruger National Park 2331AB (SA002) (NP01325010000400174013.610314
Kruger National Park 2331AC (SA002) (NP40200000000050019.0214
Kruger National Park 2331AD (SA002) (NP067000025010000028.6144
Kruger National Park 2331BA (SA002) (NP5000000000033015.4132
Kruger National Park 2331BC (SA002) (NP000000000067013.3152
Kruger National Park 2331CA (SA002) (NP0000000010000033.331
Kruger National Park 2331CB (SA002) (NP2000000005050332913.6669
Kruger National Park 2331CC (SA002) (NP000000112950017017.3529
Kruger National Park 2331CD (SA002) (NP00330000176750100019.4367
Kruger National Park 2331DA (SA002) (NP10010000000005033038.5135
Kruger National Park 2331DC (SA002) (NP332538000140330445022.58920
Kruger National Park 2431AB (SA002) (MP013700000001404.2713
Kruger National Park 2431AD (SA002) (MP2030000015713350574325.89324
Kruger National Park 2431BA (SA002) (MP170401000043033402522.45813
Kruger National Park 2431BB (SA002) (MP01000000010000100025.0164
Kruger National Park 2431BC (SA002) (MP3033141100013207143023.97117
Kruger National Park 2431BD (SA002) (MP18673000003810040692532.69531
Kruger National Park 2431DA (SA002) (MP505000000577510020030.83912
Kruger National Park 2431DB (SA002) (MP80000000004040025.8318
Kruger National Park 2431DC (SA002) (MP000000017230271510.39710
Kruger National Park 2431DD (SA002) (MP500000000050555023.15212
Kruger National Park 2531AB (SA002) (MP50100250003308033365031.65718
Kruger National Park 2531AD (SA002) (MP0100100000011172267022.05011
Kruger National Park 2531BA (SA002) (MP57050000010008038031.04213
Kruger National Park 2531BB (SA002) (MP5025110000202038732723.58119
Kruger National Park 2531BC (SA002) (MP2500000029033756722.0419
Kruger National Park 2531BD (SA002) (MP00000006700303318.8326
Langjan Nature Reserve (NP001000000000100040.052
Lapalala Wilderness (45) (NP000000000500033.331
Leeuwfontein Collaborative Nature Reserve (GP67175000006029100100030.85216
Leopard Kloof Private Nature Reserve (SA025) (NW1701300000172003311.8688
Limpopo National Park (Vhembe Nature Reserve) (SA001) (NP50000000001000011.8172
Londolozi Private Nature Reserve (MP2500030009010005.1995
Loskop Dam Nature Reserve (SA015) (MP67000000500801006737.02710
Mabalingwe Private Nature Reserve (NP10000000000750028.6216
Mabula Game Lodge (NP670000005300677558.17443
Madikwe Game Reserve (NW0000000014750018.2224
Magaliesberg Nature Area (NW000000000141305.3382
Makuya Park (NP0000100000000025.041
Manyeleti Game Reserve (SA002) (NP331006700001006710010010057.72615
Mapungubwe National Park (NP20000000000004.8211
Marakele National Park (SA007) (NP033000000600100027.3226
Maria Moroka National Park (FS2617141400004220555424.119547
Marievale Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP0000000030000.33691
Marloth Park Conservancy (MP00000000000505.3191
Masebe Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP000000033000259.1222
Mdala Nature Reserve (MP029000000000012.5162
Middle Vaal River (SA038) (FS506760000002550335025.86216
Mihobi Nature Reserve (KZ00000001000000100.011
Mkhombo Nature Reserve (MP8079860000501001008710071.27352
Mkuzi Game Reserve (SA057) (KZ13052000255884.255223
Moepelplaas Nature Reserve (NP0000000050003313.3152
Mokolo Dam Nature Reserve (Hans Strijdom) (NP5050500000000100045.5115
Moletsi Bird Sanctuary (NP00000000005010020.0102
Morokapula Private Nature Reserve (NP000000000330020.051
Mosdene Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP10010010090000010010010010075.92922
Mountain Sanctuary Park (SA025) (NW00000000050006.7151
Ndumo Game Reserve (SA052) (KZ0050000003091.22503
Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve (GP00000000013001.1871
Northern Farms Nature Reserve (Diepsloot NR) (SA025) (GP002933000004050019.06312
Nyalazi Conservancy (KZ0000000100000050.021
Nyl River Bush Camp (NP100000000100000066.732
Nylsvley Nature Reserve (SA008) (NP636030000095036356837.216461
Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve (MP000000000042027.6298
Olifants River Private Game Reserve (X) (NP0000000000092.2451
Olifantsvlei Nature Reserve (GP0000000000500.61741
Palala River Reserve (NP10000000001001000100100.044
Phinda Resource Reserve (204) (KZ430000000000021.4143
Pilanesberg National Park 2527AA (SA023) (NW44675001408436366747049.020098
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Bird Sanctuary (NP1000000000043401715.0609
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Nature Reserve (SA006) (NP75505020000445880748352.59952
Pongola Nature Reserve (KZ000000001000805732.33110
Pongolapoort Nature Reserve (SA055) (KZ00100000000043026.7154
Pretoria National Botanical Gardens (GP00000000200002.6391
Pumalanga Game Ranch (KZ0000000001000033.331
Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve (GP05000000000003.8261
Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve (GP01160000041114124.723311
Rust de Winter Dam Nature Reserve (NP6733002000057503310025.45915
Rustenburg Nature Reserve (SA025) (Kgaswane Mountain Reserve) (NW029000000200006.1493
Rustfontein Nature Reserve (FS100010000000000025.082
Rustig (295) (GP000000500100100403331.6196
Sabie Sand Game Reserve (SA002) (NP000000000500040.052
Sandveld Nature Reserve (SA039) (FS93100193500095586635336.120875
Schmidtsdrif Military Area (NC00000000000100100.011
Selati Game Reserve (NP0500000001311536015.511618
Seringveld Conservancy (GP3342000000080385021.56514
Soetdoring Nature Reserve (SA049) (FS15424080000019423317.914526
Spitskop Dam (SA028) (NC500000000000016.761
St Lucia Game Reserve (SA058) (KZ00000000010006036.4114
St Lucia Park (SA058) (KZ1300100000002702014.0436
Stan Madden Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP50010000000000011.8172
Thornybush Nature Reserve (NP0000000001000033.331
Thulazihleka Pan (KZ00000000020006.3161
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP422950000364783757125.317845
Tswaing Crater Museum (GP0000000671000010019.2265
Turfloop Nature Reserve (NP0010000000010050033.393
Tussen-die-Riviere Nature Reserve (FS0500000000012177.4544
Ubizane Game Ranch (KZ000000000005025.041
Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP100000000017140149.5959
Umfolozi Game Reserve (SA060) (KZ06000000171910506219.410320
Umlalazi Nature Reserve (SA063) (KZ000000081801004.01014
Vaalbos National Park (NC20000000006020018.8326
Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (NW4240382200006733545431.212539
Wallmansthall Military Area (GP000000000250025.041
Warmbaths Nature Reserve (NP000000000002020.051
Welgevonden Private Game Reserve (NP75000000000010080.0108
Willem Pretorius Game Reserve (SA044) (FS75041130000600406726.56818
Zemvelo Private Game Park (GP0502000000173344024.54912