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Bearded Woodpecker

Dendropicos namaquus

IUCN Red Data status: Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status:     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Albasini Water Conservancy (NP0000010000100000100.022
Albert Falls Resource Reserve (KZ5000000000000.81261
Andover Game Reserve (NP0000000100000011.191
Ants Nest Private Game Farm (NP00000000000505.6181
Barberton Mountainlands Nature Reserve (MP25253300256733000016.0508
Ben Alberts Private Nature Reserve* (NP00100000500000020.0102
Ben Lavin Private Nature Reserve * (NP0067100100100100100100005081.31613
Bierspruit Dam Conservation Area (NP033000202500140010.2596
Blouberg Nature Reserve (NP0050170000000018.2112
Bonamanzi Game Park (240) (KZ0000000080001.1931
Boondocks (115) (MP0010000000000033.331
Borakalalo National Park (NW20403840253840211311192226.412533
Buffelsdrift Conservancy (GP000017082000003.11274
Buzzard Mountain Retreat (114) (SA003) (NP0000000000010020.051
Cleveland Game Park (NP2500675000010000025.0246
Combretum Private Nature Reserve (NP0000000100000022.292
Crystal Springs Private Game Reserve (MP3317050010000250509.3868
Ditholo Nature Reserve (GP001700050000008.3242
Djuma Game Reserve (MP100100100000504050005042.9219
DNyala Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP00006733251411014012.9709
Doorndraai Dam Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP001003333331000000025.9277
False Bay Park (GSL) (SA058) (KZ00000200000003.3612
Goudhoek Farm (30) (KZ013131433001813150011.014516
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CA (SA058) (KZ100000000000005.3191
Hans Hohelsen Private Nature Reserve (NP0000005002500010.0202
Hans Merensky Nature Reserve (NP0200332533200602920022.45813
Hlane Game Reserve (SW002) (sz00100033100100100000035.7145
Hluhluwe Game Reserve (HUP) (SA060) (KZ180332100291308009.411711
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BB (SA060) (KZ0000000502500025.082
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BD (SA060) (KZ000000001133005.0402
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2832AA (SA060) (KZ000050000000336.1332
Hoedspruit Airforce Base (NP000001000010000066.732
Itala Nature Reserve (SA056) (KZ91413170001380678.114812
Jejane Private Nature Reserve (NP1000508640602529671001008360.04527
Klaserie Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP100100505001006550100006761.24930
Kruger National Park 2230DB (SA002) (NP00000000002504.2241
Kruger National Park 2230DD (SA002) (NP00000000001000100.011
Kruger National Park 2231AC (SA002) (NP202002022603325294401725.77419
Kruger National Park 2231AD (SA002) (NP0401725400000003315.9447
Kruger National Park 2231CA (SA002) (NP1742181724240404225561127.017447
Kruger National Park 2231CC (SA002) (NP0000003310000008.3242
Kruger National Park 2231CD (SA002) (NP00002500000005.3191
Kruger National Park 2331AA (SA002) (NP2000010000100000014.8274
Kruger National Park 2331AB (SA002) (NP1100010752750202125716.510317
Kruger National Park 2331CB (SA002) (NP0000250025013004.5663
Kruger National Park 2331CC (SA002) (NP0000017014170007.7524
Kruger National Park 2331CD (SA002) (NP000000331700008.3363
Kruger National Park 2331DC (SA002) (NP7013140014131702209.0898
Kruger National Park 2431AA (SA002) (MP000000000330033.331
Kruger National Park 2431AB (SA002) (MP013703600000008.5716
Kruger National Park 2431AD (SA002) (MP200140020152933170012.99312
Kruger National Park 2431BA (SA002) (MP002000000002003.4582
Kruger National Park 2431BC (SA002) (MP001411200013014007.0715
Kruger National Park 2431BD (SA002) (MP271710023003801001315.89515
Kruger National Park 2431CD (SA002) (MP10001000067033000019.2265
Kruger National Park 2431DA (SA002) (MP2500203300432500023.1399
Kruger National Park 2431DB (SA002) (MP00000000002003.2311
Kruger National Park 2431DC (SA002) (MP250025100017311301512.49712
Kruger National Park 2431DD (SA002) (MP0000131450000005.8523
Kruger National Park 2531AB (SA002) (MP335000672505020029028.15716
Kruger National Park 2531AD (SA002) (MP010000176700171133020.05010
Kruger National Park 2531BA (SA002) (MP573301001725000013021.4429
Kruger National Park 2531BB (SA002) (MP001101100000094.9814
Kruger National Park 2531BC (SA002) (MP00000004313330012.2415
Kruger National Park 2531BD (SA002) (MP00003300330030015.6325
Langjan Nature Reserve (NP000050000000020.051
Leeukop Conservancy (KZ00000001000000100.011
Leeuwfontein Collaborative Nature Reserve (GP3300000040050009.6525
Leopard Kloof Private Nature Reserve (SA025) (NW50004350672501720331723.56816
Letaba Ranch (NP08500038025755005031.04213
Limpopo National Park (Vhembe Nature Reserve) (SA001) (NP500000000800011.8172
Lissataba Nature Reserve (NP5000505050050400505036.73011
Londolozi Private Nature Reserve (MP00100021500556400042.49942
Mabalingwe Private Nature Reserve (NP00000010000500014.3213
Mabula Game Lodge (NP67000000200011013.57410
Mahushe Shongwe Nature Reserve (MP0000000001000050.021
Makalali Private Nature Reserve (NP00000010005000037.583
Mala Mala (part of SSGR) (SA002) (NP000000670000066.732
Manutsa (92) (NP000005000100013016.7183
Manyeleti Game Reserve (SA002) (NP0033050075100334005038.52610
Mapungubwe National Park (NP4000002500000014.3213
Marakele National Park (SA007) (NP000330100250000013.6223
Marloth Park Conservancy (MP10010000100251001001000100047.4199
Masebe Nature Reserve (SA007) (NP10001005010010050671001001007572.72216
Mdala Nature Reserve (MP000000100100000018.8163
Mhlosinga Private Nature Reserve (sz00000100100100000023.1133
Mkhombo Nature Reserve (MP00000005000001.4731
Mkuzi Game Reserve (SA057) (KZ8101812518121861915912.555269
Mlawula Game Reserve (SW002) (sz10000430100603340500033.33913
Modimbo Training Area (NP003300000000033.331
Moepelplaas Nature Reserve (NP00330000010000020.0153
Molopo Nature Reserve (NW0000000001000010.0101
Mosdene Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP10005060010010001000100058.62917
Ndumo Game Reserve (SA052) (KZ001111121224122167010.425026
Nyl River Bush Camp (NP100000000100000066.732
Nylsvley Nature Reserve (SA008) (NP555020176401314121412.216420
Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve (MP0000000000503.4291
Olifants River Private Game Reserve (X) (NP01000130001002029501824.44511
Ophathe Game Reserve (KZ00000000100000100.011
Pilanesberg National Park 2527AA (SA023) (NW11151700004136406.520013
Polokwane (Pietersburg) Bird Sanctuary (NP00000002000001.7601
Pongola Nature Reserve (KZ050000050000404322.6317
Pongolapoort Nature Reserve (SA055) (KZ0000000330043026.7154
Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve (GP00018564004703.42338
Roodewaal Forest Reserve (NP000000000330025.041
Royal Natal National Park (SA064) (KZ0006000000001.6631
Rust de Winter Dam Nature Reserve (NP000170001400003.4592
Rustenburg Nature Reserve (SA025) (Kgaswane Mountain Reserve) (NW014200200006000012.2496
Sabie Park Private Nature Reserve (MP000057440177700038.84919
Selati Game Reserve (NP05002738290601918336025.911630
Seringveld Conservancy (GP338017459250000015.46510
Spioenkop Nature Reserve (SA062) (KZ2000180010001399149.610410
SS Skosana Nature Reserve (MP0000000100000050.021
Tembe Elephant Park (KZ1400017816000007.114010
Thornybush Nature Reserve (NP0100000000000033.331
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP25435553607277826758332956.2178100
Tswaing Crater Museum (GP00000143333000011.5263
Ubizane Game Ranch (KZ000000000005025.041
Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (SA002) (NP2513001800271714171414.79514
Umfolozi Game Reserve (SA060) (KZ40400203325250510251513.610314
Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (NW010011000000082.41253
Wallers Camp Private Nature Reserve (NP0000100000000033.331
Warmbaths Nature Reserve (NP000000000006060.053
Weenen Nature Reserve(SA068) (KZ7203945451032813801522.326058
Welgevonden Private Game Reserve (NP2500000000004030.0103
Wonderboom Nature Reserve (GP00000000020004.0251