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Common Ringed Plover

Charadrius hiaticula

IUCN Red Data status: Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status: Palearctic migrant     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Addo Elephant National Park 3325DA (EC0500090000001.41452
Albert Falls Resource Reserve (KZ57000000002504.01265
Amatikulu Nature Reserve (KZ67400200000014443321.76915
Barberspan Nature Reserve (SA026) (NW171006729000004038031.34815
Bayhead Natural Heritage Site (209) (KZ8910094630178053100859066.5185123
Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve (KZ050010000001000100060.0106
Bird Island (Algoa Bay) (SA095) (EC001000000050010010019.2265
Bird Island Reserve (Lamberts Bay) (SA100) (WC545242367400010213821.634875
Bluff Nature Reserve (KZ0000000000540.93203
Blythedale Beach Conservancy (KZ8780000000038857360.212877
Bonamanzi Game Park (240) (KZ0050017000813506.5936
Bot River Nature Reserve (WC1005050500100000100010041.2177
Botriviervlei and Kleinmond Estuary (SA118) (WC5040000080000016.7488
Bronkhorstspruitdam Nature Reserve (GP156013200000133830014.910115
Cape Agulhas National Park (WC0000000001000033.331
Cape Columbine Nature Reserve (WC50050000000330018.8163
Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (CPNP) (WC01000300000002509.3545
Cape Recife Nature Reserve (EC6780670011003320405729.46820
Con Joubert Bird Park (GP17000000000001.9531
Cwebe Wildlife Reserve (SA089) (EC00000029000006.5312
Darvill Bird Sanctuary (KZ00780007014093.61656
Dassen Island Reserve (SA109) (WC4060100008002020100018.27714
De Hoop Nature Reserve (SA119) (WC30141990000828191712.622328
De Mond Nature Reserve (SA121) (WC506022670000850365537.57227
Driftsands MOSS (EC00000000033005.6181
Durban Botanic Gardens (KZ000100000000002.3441
Dwesa Wildlife Reserve (SA089) (EC000100000000009.1111
Dyer Island Nature Reserve (SA120) (WC8650333325001005055836049.26130
Eastern Shores State Forest (KZ00100000000250028.672
Elandsbaai Nature Reserve (WC00011000000003.0331
False Bay Park (GSL) (SA058) (KZ100000000001002908.2615
False Bay Park (proposed) (SA116) (WC0000000000010014.371
Gamkapoort Nature Reserve (WC0000000040000.42341
Gamtoos River Mouth Nature Reserve (EC578010000000080673334.84616
Ghio Wetland Local Reserve (EC10010010050000000503338.52610
Goukamma Nature & Marine Reserve (SA114) (WC0000000000700.52031
Great Fish River Wetland Reserve (EC0100000000050010027.3113
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2732CB (SA058) (KZ000000003800016.7183
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AB (SA058) (KZ00002000000003.3301
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AD (SA058) (KZ02010000000140008.0887
Hazelmere Dam Private Nature Reserve (KZ00000000002505.0201
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park 2831BD (SA060) (KZ00000200000002.5401
Jakkalsvlei (WC00000000010000100.011
Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve (EC331005000000000015.8193
Kabeljous River Nature Reserve (EC10000000000501008344.42712
Kamfers Dam (179) (SA032) (NC6306700000000024.1297
Kap River Nature Reserve (EC010000000000007.3413
Keurbooms River Nature Reserve (WC02000000060001.71172
Knysna National Park (WC5001000000001000037.583
Korsman Bird Sanctuary (= Westdene Nature Reserve) (GP0707000000801.51973
Kromme Island Estates Private Nature Reserve (EC00000000001000100.022
Kruger National Park 2331AB (SA002) (NP00000000078133.91034
Kruger National Park 2431DD (SA002) (MP00000000000333.8522
Lower Berg River Wetlands (SA104) (WC332967100001333206075033.34515
Macasser Waste Water Treatment Works (WC100100330000505010010010040.02510
Mapelane Forest Reserve (GSL) (SA057) (KZ33010040100000050100036.44416
Mapungubwe National Park (NP20000000000004.8211
Marievale Bird Sanctuary (SA021) (GP2304000003692.43699
Mkuzi Game Reserve (SA057) (KZ0101832000561364.955227
Mossgas Nature Reserve (WC0010000000000050.021
Nahoon Nature Reserve (EC67755067000027601710033.36923
Ndumo Game Reserve (SA052) (KZ14011000003924368.025020
Northern Farms Nature Reserve (Diepsloot NR) (SA025) (GP007000000101704.8633
Northern Treatment Works (KZ14186000250014006.91168
Olifants River Estuary (SA099) (WC00000000010000100.011
Olifantsvlei Nature Reserve (GP00130000000000.61741
Orange River Mouth Wetlands (SA030) (NC10088010000501400010060.72817
Pilanesberg National Park 2527AA (SA023) (NW0000000003000.52001
Pongola Nature Reserve (KZ001700000000299.7313
Pongolapoort Nature Reserve (SA055) (KZ00000000001406.7151
Richards Bay Game Reserve (SA079) (KZ10000000001000010046.2136
Rietvlei Nature Reserve (GP4000000000000.42261
Rietvlei Wetland Reserve (SA111) (WC331000000000050025.0123
Robben Island (147) (SA110) (WC670860000005050031.43511
Robben Island National Historical Monument (SA110) (WC1000000000000025.041
Rocherpan Nature Reserve (WC40100676003300030178632.47424
Rolfes Pan Nature Reserve (GP00000000701151.61853
Rondebult Bird Sanctuary (GP0050000000000.71381
Rondevlei Nature Reserve (SA116) (WC00010000000001.4701
Rustfontein Nature Reserve (FS10000500000000025.082
San Lameer Conservancy (KZ00000000000332.1471
Sandveld Nature Reserve (SA039) (FS00040000233613137.220815
Seal Island (Donkergat) (WC0000000000010033.331
Seekoerivier Nature Reserve (EC10010005020000001007553.33016
Shongweni Resources Reserve (156) (KZ0000000200030.45562
Sodwana State Forest (SA058) (KZ0000000003350025.082
Soetdoring Nature Reserve (SA049) (FS533000000008335.51458
Spitskop Dam (SA028) (NC100100000000000050.063
St Lucia Park (SA058) (KZ25033000000943016.3437
Strandfontein Sewage Works (SA116) (WC673650560000025387134.27626
Swartkops Estuary MOSS (SA096) (EC1001001000000006750047.62110
Tala Game Reserve (KZ90100000000001.91052
Tharfield Private Nature Reserve (EC0000010000001000100.022
Umbogavango Nature Reserve (KZ0000000000040.91061
Umdoni Park (KZ01400000000000.61561
Umgeni River Park (KZ94100706700002165718054.213171
Umlalazi Nature Reserve (SA063) (KZ438067441100018674010028.710129
Umvoti Estuary (166) (SA073) (KZ1009083857061473100868266.7195130
Vaal Dam Nature Reserve (GP00000000005003.4291
Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (NW17080000000002.41253
Vondeling Island Reserve (WC0000100000000020.051
West Coast National Park (SA105) (WC748483822202103167917760.5220133
Wilderness National Park (SA114) (WC139033000000003.6843
Willem Pretorius Game Reserve (SA044) (FS011013000000002.9682
Zwartkops Valley Nature Reserve (SA096) (EC00033000000009.1111