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Ruddy Turnstone

Arenaria interpres

IUCN Red Data status: Breeding indicator key
Endemic status:     No breeding data
Occurrence status: Palearctic migrant     Possible or Probable breeding
      Confirmed breeding

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Species occurance by site

Name of site Monthly reporting rate (RR %) Total
RR %
at site
Amatikulu Nature Reserve (KZ00000000014001.4691
Barberspan Nature Reserve (SA026) (NW00000000020004.2482
Bayhead Natural Heritage Site (209) (KZ63676550445046447194739065.4185121
Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve (KZ0500000000050020.0102
Bird Island (Algoa Bay) (SA095) (EC0010000100100100100100100100100.02626
Bird Island Reserve (Lamberts Bay) (SA100) (WC2516643000191324710.134835
Black Rocks (Algoa Bay) (EC0000000000010012.581
Bluff Nature Reserve (KZ0000000000300.33201
Blythedale Beach Conservancy (KZ00000000001001.61282
Bonamanzi Game Park (240) (KZ00000000150503.2933
Bot River Nature Reserve (WC00005000001000011.8172
Brenton Island (Algoa Bay) (EC00001000001000100066.764
Cape Columbine Nature Reserve (WC005010000001006710010062.51610
Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (CPNP) (WC01000400000017255014.8548
Cape Recife Nature Reserve (EC5010010067384483100100201004366.26845
Cape St Francis Nature Reserve (EC00000000010000100.011
Cwebe Wildlife Reserve (SA089) (EC00000000150006.5312
Dassen Island Reserve (SA109) (WC10010010089100100100100801001007596.17774
De Hoop Nature Reserve (SA119) (WC10701800000141465.422312
De Mond Nature Reserve (SA121) (WC17000000023509015.37211
Donkergat Military Area (WC1001001001007510050671007510010089.53834
Driftsands MOSS (EC100025000000330016.7183
Dwesa Wildlife Reserve (SA089) (EC00000000250009.1111
Dyer Island Nature Reserve (SA120) (WC1001001001001001001001001009110010098.46160
Elandsbaai Nature Reserve (WC00000000500003.0331
False Bay Park (proposed) (SA116) (WC0000000000010014.371
Gamtoos River Mouth Nature Reserve (EC000000001002067010.9465
Geyser Island Reserve (Danger Pt) (WC000075100000100010077.897
Goukamma Nature & Marine Reserve (SA114) (WC00000000002001.52033
Great Fish River Wetland Reserve (EC00000000050009.1111
Greater St Lucia Wetland Park 2832AD (SA058) (KZ000000007001005.7885
Jaheel Island (Algoa Bay) (SA095) (EC00000001000000100.011
Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve (EC6710010010000001001001005057.91911
Jutten Island (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC001001000000010000100.044
Kabeljous River Nature Reserve (EC00000000050203314.8274
Knysna National Park (WC500000000000012.581
Lake Sibaya Fresh Water Reserve (SA054) (KZ0000000100000016.761
Lower Berg River Wetlands (SA104) (WC670000003302050013.3456
Malgas Island (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC0010010000100100100750091.71211
Marcus Island (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC000100000001000100100.033
Mpenjati Nature Reserve (KZ1700000002921272010.111912
Nahoon Nature Reserve (EC675033503333755045805010052.26936
Namaqua National Park 3017AB (NC10000000000000100.011
Northern Treatment Works (KZ00000000001000.91161
Orange River Mouth Wetlands (SA030) (NC60500000752900010046.42813
Paarl Bird Sanctuary (WC0020000000000.24961
Richards Bay Game Reserve (SA079) (KZ5000000001000010030.8134
Robben Island (147) (SA110) (WC10010086010000571001001007577.13527
Robben Island National Historical Monument (SA110) (WC100000001001000000100.044
Rocherpan Nature Reserve (WC10000000000001.4741
Saldanha Military Area (WC1006710050255025115010010010056.54626
San Lameer Conservancy (KZ25000000000002.1471
Sardinia Bay Marine Reserve (EC0000000010000050.021
Sardinia Bay  Nature Reserve (EC01001001000025010000066.7128
Seal Island (Algoa Bay) (SA095) (EC0100000000000033.331
Seal Island (Donkergat) (WC001000000001000100100.033
Seekoerivier Nature Reserve (EC000000001000502516.7305
Skaapeiland (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC0010010000000500075.043
St Lucia Game Reserve (SA058) (KZ00050000000009.1111
St Lucia Park (SA058) (KZ00000000018004.7432
Stag Island (Algoa Bay) (SA058) (EC0100000000000033.331
Strandfontein Sewage Works (SA116) (WC09000000001302.6762
Swartkops Estuary MOSS (SA096) (EC1001001005000001001000057.12112
Trafalgar Marine Reserve (KZ00000000005010025.0123
Umdoni Park (KZ01400050000001.31562
Umgeni River Park (KZ18222000000030292016.013121
Umlalazi Nature Reserve (SA063) (KZ00000000011001.01011
Umtamvuna Marine Conservancy (KZ067002500000010020.0204
Umvoti Estuary (166) (SA073) (KZ242400723606036762326.219551
Vondeling Island Reserve (WC0010010010010000100000100.055
Walker Bay Nature Reserve (WC0000000000100014.371
West Coast National Park (SA105) (WC748910095448864295075738275.0220165
Wilderness National Park (SA114) (WC13000000000001.2841
Zwartkops Valley Nature Reserve (SA096) (EC00000000500009.1111