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Name (Province) J F M A M J J A S O N D Total
33531832 9 Division HQ (ex 6 Base Ord. Dep) (63) (WC0000000000000
34062116 Aloeridge Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33501840 Altydgedacht (23) (X) (WC0001000000001
33282037 Anysberg Nature Reserve (SA108) (WC723483722418102926397270
33581854 Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve (WC32531221395238
33472152 Attakwaskloof Conservancy (WC0200000000103
33502158 Attakwaskloof Nature Reserve (WC4566105144373471
34191916 Babilonstoring Nature Reserve (WC0000100000001
34141907 Barkai (24) (WC0000000000000
33342328 Baviaanswes-Hartebeesrivierhek Conservancy (WC0000100000001
32222237 Beaufort West Bird Sanctuary (WC0000000010001
33552245 Beervlei Forest (WC0000000001001
33261931 Ben-Etive Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
32051818 Bird Island Reserve (Lamberts Bay) (SA100) (WC282531283028282631313329348
34252114 Blomboschfontein Nature Reserve (WC1000000001002
33521822 Blouberg Nature Reserve (WC1000001001003
33582335 Bloukraans Coastal Forest (WC0000000000011
33562336 Bloukraans Main Forest (WC00144625110226
33531820 Blouvlei / Intaka Island (WC21112111321117
32581912 Bo-Boschkloof (178) (X) (WC0000000000000
32571912 Bo-Boschkloof (122) (X) (WC0000000000000
33221946 Bokkeriviere Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34052026 Bontebok National Park (WC9132010167161123172117180
34121919 Boontjieskraal (25) (X) (WC0000000000000
33552052 Boosmansbos Wilderness Area (SA113) (WC0021100001005
34211906 Bot River Nature Reserve (WC12222112111117
34201910 Botriviervlei and Kleinmond Estuary (SA118) (WC6101113123215348
34121827 Boulders Bay (CPNP) (SA117) (WC1000000100002
33521842 Bracken Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34461950 Brandfontein Private Nature Reserve (2) (WC0000000000000
34022121 Broomvlei Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34042257 Buffalo Valley Game Farm (WC0000000010001
32071908 Bushmans Kloof (208) (X) (WC0000000000000
34071922 Caledon Nature Reserve (WC0000000101002
34441954 Cape Agulhas National Park (WC0000000011103
32491752 Cape Columbine Nature Reserve (WC20211001331216
33551838 Cape Flats Nature Reserve (WC0000010000001
34151822 Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (CPNP) (WC3131011452364254
34071824 Cape Peninsula National Park (CPNP) (WC21010002211010
32071852 Cedarberg Wilderness Area 3218BB (SA101) (WC0001100000103
32221852 Cedarberg Wilderness Area 3218BD (SA101) (WC0000000000000
32071907 Cedarberg Wilderness Area 3219AA (SA101) (WC53034000532328
32221907 Cedarberg Wilderness Area 3219AC (SA101) (WC1061417116151717281310164
32221922 Cedarberg Wilderness Area 3219AD (SA101) (WC0000200001003
32371907 Cedarberg Wilderness Area 3219CA (SA101) (WC0110110000004
33221917 Ceres Mountain Fynbos Nature Reserve (WC0000000100001
34202204 Dana Bay Conservancy (WC0111000000003
33241804 Dassen Island Reserve (SA109) (WC10519141263553477
33451958 Dassieshoek Nature Reserve (WC10300101209118
34272029 De Hoop Nature Reserve (SA119) (WC101427112212221324292118223
33221856 De La Fontaine (274) (WC0000000000000
34432007 De Mond Nature Reserve (SA121) (WC659300021312111172
34061848 Dick Dent Bird Sanctuary (WC17111313139131413141112153
33402308 Die Fort Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34031827 Die Oog Bird Sanctuary (WC0010001000002
33572310 Diepwalle Forest (WC12233000120014
33071752 Donkergat Military Area (WC53424323343238
33512110 Doornkloof Nature Reserve (WC00320032232219
33421945 Doornkloof Private Nature Reserve (WC0020101000004
34131932 Drayton Siding (64) (WC0000000000000
34001837 Driftsands Nature Reserve (WC0001111200017
34031819 Duikerklip (Hout Bay) (WC0010100000002
33501838 Durbanville Nature Reserve (WC1001202001108
33551853 Duthie Reserve (62) (WC0000000000000
34401925 Dyer Island Nature Reserve (SA120) (WC7212343314116561
34001833 Edith Stephens Wetland Park (WC01223172321125
32201835 Elandsbaai Nature Reserve (WC80390222250033
33271903 Elandsberg (81) (X) (WC0000000000000
31381807 Elephant Rock Island Reserve (Olifants River) (WC1002100001016
34051831 False Bay Park (proposed) (SA116) (WC0100011111017
34081834 False Bay Seal Island Reserve (WC0000010002104
33542254 Farleigh Forest (WC0000000001001
34052303 Featherbed (59) * (WC0000000000000
34241915 Fernkloof Nature Reserve (WC0100000001013
34002310 Fisantehoek Indigenous Forest (WC1000000102206
33291923 Fonteintjiesberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34021822 Forest Hill (161) (X) (WC0000000000000
33402148 Gamkaberg Nature Reserve (WC171011131613181625161414183
33122130 Gamkapoort Nature Reserve (WC1377203640251027241213234
33222144 Gamkaskloof Nature Reserve (part of Groot Swartberg Nature Reserve) (WC25040004502123
33592114 Garcia Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33592044 Gatplaats Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34202130 Geelkrans Nature Reserve (WC1000000000001
34411925 Geyser Island Reserve (Danger Pt) (WC0010410002019
34012250 Goukamma Nature & Marine Reserve (SA114) (WC17191818201614132719157203
33572305 Gouna Forest Reserve (WC0010101111107
34101858 Grabouw State Forest (WC0000000000000
34021938 Greyton Nature Reserve (WC0010100011015
33361904 Groenberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33392137 Groenefontein Nature Reserve (X) (WC2164414561039367
33572233 Groenkop Forest Reserve (WC0001002030006
34071907 Groenlandberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
32501934 Groot Groenfontein Private Nature Reserve (77) (WC0000000000000
34411934 Groot Hagelkraal (72) (WC0100001000013
33222137 Groot Swartberg Nature Reserve 3321BC (SA106) (WC000016001041123
33222152 Groot Swartberg Nature Reserve 3321BD (SA106) (WC1110019650400753
33222207 Groot Swartberg Nature Reserve 3322AC (SA106) (WC24177161254353618110221
33222222 Groot Swartberg Nature Reserve 3322AD (SA106) (WC65370001202026
33222237 Groot Swartberg Nature Reserve 3322BC (SA106) (WC851102247101041
32551906 Grootfontein (232) (WC0000101001003
33342214 Grootkop (249) (WC0000000000000
33462045 Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve (WC535630541610101178
33001907 Grootwinterhoek State Forest (part of Ghoek Wilderness Area) (WC03011101241014
33051901 Grootwinterhoek Wilderness Area (SA101) (WC11124052581030
34221853 Grootwitvlei & Rondevlei (WC0111011001107
34022324 Gull Breeding Colony Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
32421832 Gys Se Kraal (80) (WC0000000000000
34042313 Harkerville Forest Reserve (WC20010123250016
34081851 Harmony Flats Nature Reserve (WC0000000001001
34211856 Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens (WC80012202540529
34072206 Hartenbos Heuwels Conservancy (WC0000000000000
33501907 Hawequas State Forest (part of Hawequa Nature Reserve) (SA107) (WC0000000001001
33501916 Hawequas State Forest (part of Hawequa Nature Reserve) (SA107) (WC0000000000000
33371907 Haweqwa Nature Reserve (SA107) (WC00010000092012
34072052 Heidelberg Nature Reserve (WC0001000000001
33552323 Hek Se Bos (255) (WC0100000001002
34031853 Helderberg Nature Reserve (WC151815242121243026152721257
34372000 Heuningberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
32431911 Hexberg Nature Reserve (Cedarberg) (WC0000000000000
34231855 HF Verwoerd Coastal Reserve (WC2000000000057
34171907 Highlands State Forest (WC0000010100002
34001902 Hottentots-Holland Nature Reserve (SA107) (WC41103000241218
34141910 Houwhoek Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
32571751 Jacobs Rock Island Reserve (WC0000000000000
33422140 Jakkalsdans Private Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
32051819 Jakkalsvlei (WC0000000001001
33521852 Jan Marais Nature Reserve (WC0001100000013
33451849 JN Briers Louw Nature Reserve (WC0000000010001
33461847 Joostenberg Hill (31) (WC0000000000000
33542257 Jubilee Creek Nature Reserve (WC10111101021110
33051757 Jutten Island (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC0021000001004
33592233 Kaaimans Corridor Conservancy (WC0000000000000
32441933 Kagga Kamma Private Nature Reserve (WC0001000001103
33341838 Kalbaskraal Nature Reserve (WC0000000010001
33402245 Kammanassie Nature Reserve (WC71011981817116520104
31461836 Kapel Conservation Area (WC0000000000000
33542249 Karatara Forest (WC0000000002103
33351927 Karoo National Botanical Gardens (WC1010001110106
32182227 Karoo National Park (SA102) (WC15813131678622221416160
33221852 Kasteelberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33522222 Katrivier Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33562322 Keurbooms River Nature Reserve (WC253710161381718171117
33582226 Kingswood Golf Estate (WC0000100010013
33591826 Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens (WC131213117799962114131
34121826 Klawer Valley (60) (X) (WC0002320000007
33242134 Kleinberg Private Nature Reserve (248) (WC0000000000000
33081800 Kleineiland (WC0000000000000
34272120 Kleinjongensfontein Nature Reserve (WC1000000000001
34201900 Kleinmond Coast and Mountain Nature Reserve (WC2110010121009
34251918 Kleinriver Nature Reserve (WC0000000001001
33411843 Klipheuwel Radio Station (61) (WC0000010000001
33261910 Kluitjieskraal State Forest (SA107) (WC0000000000000
34072304 Knysna National Park (WC2210100001108
33401827 Koeberg Nature Reserve (294) (WC10224352242128
34161852 Kogelbaai Nature Reserve (WC0001030000004
34151855 Kogelberg Nature Reserve (SA107) (WC33101332021221
34141904 Krabbefontein (34) (WC0000000000000
34052120 Kruisrivier Wetlands Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33322114 Ladismith-Kleinkaroo Nature Reserve (WC0002002001218
33211935 Lakenvlei Dam Nature Reserve (WC0000000010001
33452000 Langeberg West State Forest (WC31000210003111
33522225 Langkloof State Forest (WC0000000000000
34141909 Lebanon Nature Reserve (WC0100000010125
33572302 Lelievlei Nature Reserve (WC0000010000001
33221907 Limietberg Nature Reserve (WC66376558101110380
32531819 Lower Berg River - Kersefontein Farm (SA104) (WC0000002000002
32511816 Lower Berg River Wetlands (SA104) (WC37313283554145
31361822 Lutzville Conservation Area (WC0000000000000
34221919 Maanschynkop Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34041845 Macasser Waste Water Treatment Works (WC21322342221125
33031751 Malgas Island (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC00310012140012
33021757 Marcus Island (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC0001000001013
33582025 Marloth Nature Reserve (SA113) (WC109101111478657896
32281921 Matjiesrivier Nature Reserve (WC01100820010013
33251950 Matroosberg State Forest (WC0100000000001
34052209 Midbrak Conservancy (WC0000000000000
33502255 Millwood Nature Reserve (WC0101310110008
33531911 Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve (WC0000000010001
33522007 Montagu Eeufees Nature Reserve (WC01204010020212
33462006 Montagu Mountain Nature Reserve (WC01010000190012
33442024 MontEco Nature Reserve (WC0002010000003
33502203 Moordkuil State Forest (WC01111051021013
34092207 Mossel Bay Seal Island Reserve (WC0000000000000
34112201 Mossgas Nature Reserve (WC0010000010002
33271916 Mostertshoek State Forest (WC0000000000000
32202455 Mount Camdeboo Private Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34181907 Mt Hebron Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33491849 Muldersvlei (184) (WC0000000000000
33252309 Nietgenaamd Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34052308 Noetzie Conservancy (WC0000000001001
31421812 Olifants River Estuary (SA099) (WC0000000001001
34251911 Onrus Lagoon Nature Reserve & Bird Sanctuary (WC0000000000011
34022224 Oubaai Golf Resort (WC0000000000000
33552210 Outeniqua Wilderness Area (Doringrivier) (SA112) (WC61005102310120
34221922 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419AD (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34071937 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419BA (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34071952 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419BB (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34221937 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419BC (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34221952 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419BD (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34371922 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419CB (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34371937 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419DA (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34371952 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419DB (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34521952 Overberg Wheatbelt 3419DD (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34072007 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420AA (SA115) (WC4000005000009
34072022 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420AB (SA115) (WC800000100001019
34222007 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420AC (SA115) (WC40000051000010
34222022 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420AD (SA115) (WC40000051000010
34072037 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420BA (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34072051 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420BB (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34222037 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420BC (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34222052 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420BD (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34372007 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420CA (SA115) (WC0001000000001
34372022 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420CB (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34522007 Overberg Wheatbelt 3420CC (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34072107 Overberg Wheatbelt 3421AA (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34072122 Overberg Wheatbelt 3421AB (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34222107 Overberg Wheatbelt 3421AC (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34222122 Overberg Wheatbelt 3421AD (SA115) (WC0000000000000
34481956 Paapekuilfontein (37) (X) (WC0000000000000
33582129 Paardeberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33292132 Paardenberg Nature Reserve (WC0000001000001
33371852 Paardenberg Nature Reserve (WC12365016854142
33351848 Paardenberg-Conservancy (203) (X) (WC0000000000101
33431858 Paarl Bird Sanctuary (WC314451444343423837474531496
33431856 Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve (WC00332234326331
33461959 Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve (WC2000000101004
32441753 Paternoster Rock Island Reserve (WC0000000010001
34202115 Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve (WC0000000001001
34411933 Pearly Beach Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33201920 Perdefontein (194) (WC0000000000000
33592312 Petrus Brand Nature Reserve (proposed) (WC1100102000016
34012259 Phantom Pass Conservancy (WC0000000000000
33521833 Plattekloof 430 (1) (WC0000000000000
34012302 Pledge Nature Reserve (WC02001012220010
33571910 Purgatory Outspan (Gedeelte 1) (69) (WC0000000000000
34461941 Quoin Point Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34471939 Quoin Rock Island Reserve (WC0000010000001
33561827 Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary (WC02243151421025
32091853 Ramskop Nature Reserve (WC0000000010001
33572308 Redford Conservancy (WC0000000010001
34212145 Reins Coastal Nature Reserve (WC0000000110002
34461956 Renosterkop Private Nature Reserve (120) (WC0000100100103
33312228 Rietvlei (78) (WC0000000000000
33501829 Rietvlei Wetland Reserve (SA111) (WC31010010032112
33281834 Riverlands Nature Reserve (WC01022100702015
34001930 Riviersonderend Nature Reserve (WC29171238115657116120
33481822 Robben Island (147) (SA110) (WC31702307242435
33491822 Robben Island National Historical Monument (SA110) (WC1000001200004
34052322 Robberg Nature Reserve (WC512199101261918160117
33381824 Robbesteen Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
32351817 Rocherpan Nature Reserve (WC10435136118106774
33581829 Rondebosch Common (WC24423222123128
34071830 Rondevlei Nature Reserve (SA116) (WC667107873374270
34221852 Rooi-els Nature Reserve (WC0000010000001
33402125 Rooiberg Nature Reserve (Gamkaberg) (WC654443553104154
34201906 Rooisand Nature Reserve (WC0000000000202
33542203 Ruitersbos Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33071753 Saldanha Military Area (WC43424449423346
34251937 Salmonsdam Nature Reserve (WC00202410122317
34262050 San Sebastian Private Nature Reserve (WC002000001123018
33432036 Sanbona Wildlife Reserve (WC0000113111008
33571933 Sangebethu Private Nature Reserve (WC0001000000001
33031754 SAS Saldahna Contractual Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33051800 Seal Island (Donkergat) (WC0010000001013
34012246 Sedgefield Island Conservancy (WC0000000000000
33332328 Sewefontein Kouga Wildlife Reserve (WC0000000000000
34071827 Silvermine Nature Reserve (CPNP) (WC21210410301318
34031851 Silwerboomkloof (145) (WC1000000103106
33211904 Silwerfontein (275) (WC0000103000004
33531855 Simonsberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34052309 Sinclair Nature Reserve (WC10110216000012
33051801 Skaapeiland (part of WCNP) (SA105) (WC0011000002004
34431959 Soetandalsvlei Nature Reserve (De Mond) (WC0000000010001
34431935 Soetfontein Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34051847 Somchem (146) (X) (WC0000000000000
33582330 Southern Crags Conservancy (WC0000000000000
33572126 Spioenkop Nature Reserve (WC0020000010003
33311907 Steenboksberg (297) (WC0000000000000
34222130 Stillbaai East State Forest (WC0000000000000
34221855 Stony Point Nature Reserve (Penguin) (WC0000100001013
34051832 Strandfontein Sewage Works (SA116) (WC611896446348776
33202245 Swartberg Nature Reserve (Swartberg East) (SA106) (WC20173131484651056111
34001822 Table Mountain Nature Reserve (CPNP) (WC54315411222131
33561911 Theewaters Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33201816 Tienie Versveld National Botanical Gardens (WC01100107311015
33102217 Tierberg (205) * (WC0000000000000
33191959 Touw Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33582236 Touw River Conservancy (WC0000000000000
33252120 Towerkop Nature Reserve (WC392428252815161632292729308
33512010 Twistniet Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33521835 Tygerberg Nature Reserve (WC610788554467777
34381927 Uilkraalsmond Nature Reserve (WC0000000010001
33452138 Vaalhoek Nature Reserve (WC22100011101110
33522224 Van Kervel Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34041854 Vergelegen Estate (WC0000000000000
32231828 Verlorenvlei (SA103) (WC1000001011004
33581915 Villiersdorp Nature Reserve (WC1000000010114
32571913 Visgat (79) (WC0000000000000
33211900 Voelvlei Nature Reserve (WC22001162000014
34371921 Voëlklip Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34231919 Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve (5) (X) (WC20201010012110
33091758 Vondeling Island Reserve (WC0011110010005
33551952 Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve (WC19112061114102010162819184
34412013 Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve (De Mond) (WC0000000000101
34401920 Walker Bay Nature Reserve (WC0000202011107
33472042 Warmwaterberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33442002 Waterval (Vrolijkheid) (WC0000000000000
33251906 Waterval Nature Reserve (WC440213133024238
33151900 Waterval Natuurerfinis Gebied (234) (WC12101010211010
33521904 Wemmershoekvlei (233) (WC0000000000000
34072116 Werner Frehse Nature Reserve (WC0000000000101
32571806 West Coast Fossil Park (WC11011012415017
33121808 West Coast National Park (SA105) (WC1919362298142116122222220
34012258 Westford Bridge Private Nature Reserve (WC1012000000004
33572323 Whiskey Creek Nature Reserve (WC0000000001001
34002242 Wilderness National Park (SA114) (WC81173835611821284
33572135 Witelsberg State Forest (WC0000000010001
33552228 Witfontein Nature Reserve (WC1200000012118
33211914 Witzenberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
34041840 Wolfgat Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000
33562241 Woodville Forest (WC0001100101004
33562309 Ysternek Nature Reserve (WC0000010000001
34071826 Zandvlei Nature Reserve (WC65735566547867
33572039 Zuurberg Nature Reserve (WC0000000000000