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Name (Province) J F M A M J J A S O N D Total
33212636 1820 Settlers Wild Flower Garden (EC0101000002004
32272403 Aberdeen Nature Reserve (EC0000101010003
33112511 Addo Elephant National Park 3325AA (EC0000000000000
33102518 Addo Elephant National Park 3325AB (EC0000000000000
33172512 Addo Elephant National Park 3325AC (EC0000000000000
33202522 Addo Elephant National Park 3325AD (EC0000000000000
33202537 Addo Elephant National Park 3325BC (Old Zuurberg National Park) (EC0000000000000
33232552 Addo Elephant National Park 3325BD (EC0000000000000
33362530 Addo Elephant National Park 3325DA (EC142012871112811151611145
33372548 Addo Elephant National Park 3325DB (SA094) (EC0000000000000
33422607 Addo Elephant National Park 3326CA (SA094) (EC0000000000000
33432621 Addo Elephant National Park 3326CB (SA094) (Old Woody Cape Nature Reserve) (EC0000000000000
32372622 Adelaide Nature Reserve (EC12122310230017
31322700 Alex Myburgh Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33332605 Amakhala Game Reserve (EC12022110010010
32592751 Amalinda Nature Reserve (EC0011000101015
32342708 Amatola Forest (EC0100000000001
33072642 Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve (part of GFRNR) (EC523712251072450
31372645 Andriesbergen Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32362655 Auckland Nature Reserve (SA092) (EC0001120022008
33582534 Baakens Valley MOSS (EC31310136313227
30422744 Balloch (180) (EC0000000000000
33352646 Barville Park (98) (X) (EC0000000000000
33222337 Baviaanskloof Complex 3323BC (SA093) (EC0000000000000
33222352 Baviaanskloof Complex 3323BD (SA093) (EC0000000000000
33372307 Baviaanskloof Complex 3323CA (SA093) (EC0000000000000
33372322 Baviaanskloof Complex 3323CB (SA093) (EC0000000000000
33372337 Baviaanskloof Complex 3323DA (SA093) (EC0000000000000
33372352 Baviaanskloof Complex 3323DB (SA093) (EC0000000010001
33372407 Baviaanskloof Complex 3324CA (SA093) (EC30200003111314
33372422 Baviaanskloof Complex 3324CB (SA093) (EC00111222055524
33372437 Baviaanskloof Complex 3324DA (SA093) (EC1110001110107
33372452 Baviaanskloof Complex 3324DB (SA093) (EC0000000000101
33522437 Baviaanskloof Complex 3324DC (SA093) (EC0000000000000
33172641 Beggars Bush Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33342447 Ben Loots Hanekam Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32172702 Benghoil & Bushy Park (158) * (EC0000000000000
31372638 Benzanieshoek Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33542530 Bethelsdorp Common MOSS (EC367864813646374
33512617 Bird Island (Algoa Bay) (SA095) (EC00100387411126
33222638 Blaaukrantz Nature Reserve (EC0001010000002
31382644 Black Eagle Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33512615 Black Rocks (Algoa Bay) (EC0043000000018
31102810 Blackwoods (182) (EC0000000000000
32052618 Blanco Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33522418 Blouberg Protea Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
34012403 Blouleliesbos Main Forest (EC22400033004018
32432534 Bosberg Nature Reserve (EC1000000101205
32462811 Bosbokstrand Private Nature Reserve (EC0020000000002
34072451 Boskloof Trail (EC1000000000001
32222637 Bosnek Nature Reserve (EC0010000000001
33492546 Brenton Island (Algoa Bay) (EC0000100210206
32522745 Bridle Drift Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
30372645 Buffelspruit Nature Reserve (EC0000000004004
34012541 Cape Recife Nature Reserve (EC65338965655768
34122452 Cape St Francis Nature Reserve (EC0000000001001
31362643 Carnarvon Estates (181) (EC0100000000001
32372708 Cata Forest (EC0000000000000
32222707 Cathcart Nature Reserve (EC1000000001002
32072602 Commando Drift Nature Reserve (EC018621421433044
32132855 Cwebe Wildlife Reserve (SA089) (EC000440721300131
32372722 Cwencwe Forest (EC0001000000001
33312635 Cycad Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
31002622 Die Berg Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32372709 Dontsa Forest (EC0000000000000
33012650 Double Drift Game Reserve (part of GFRNR) (EC20000043000110
32372717 Drie Bos Reserve (EC0000000010001
34022536 Driftsands MOSS (EC10421001331218
32382821 Dunnedan Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32172850 Dwesa Wildlife Reserve (SA089) (EC00010300412011
33002755 East London Coast Nature Reserve (EC00210112211112
34042445 Eastcot Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33072637 Ecca Nature Reserve (EC0000000001001
33342647 Elmhurst (102) (X) (EC0000000000000
33192629 Faraway (174) (EC0000000000000
32222621 Finella Falls (153) (X) (EC0000000000000
33552400 Formosa Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32412630 Fort Fordyce Nature Reserve (EC0301100200007
33072737 Fort Pato Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33592505 Gamtoos River Mouth Nature Reserve (EC75133266253346
33492502 Geelhoutbos Reserve (EC0000100000001
33382634 Ghio Wetland Local Reserve (EC13241222132326
32412539 Glen Avon Falls Kloof (71) (EC00010110042312
33382608 Glendower (101) (EC0010000000001
32522808 Gonubie Mouth Bird Sanctuary (EC21001012213114
33552358 Goudveld Forest Reserve (EC0000001000001
33152622 Grahamstown Training Area (EC0100000000001
33302708 Great Fish River Nature Reserve (EC2000101100005
33372707 Great Fish River Wetland Reserve (EC11101111120111
32392820 Great Kei River Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33432518 Groendal Wilderness Area (EC13415617331136
31332643 H.E.H. Waterfowl Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
31502916 Hluleka Wildlife Reserve (EC0000000000000
32352701 Hogsback (225) (EC0000100000001
32352657 Hogsback Indigenous Forest (SA092) (EC23000021112315
34072422 Huisklip Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32502804 Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve (EC0000000000000
33432620 Intsomi Lodge (EC0000000000000
34072453 Irma Booysen Flora Reserve (EC0200000111005
32402716 Isidinge Forest (SA092) (EC2001000000003
32372724 Izeleni Forest (EC0000000000000
33432543 Jaheel Island (Algoa Bay) (SA095) (EC0000000100001
33372638 Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve (EC31211221121219
33392532 Kaapse Grysbok Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
34022452 Kabeljous River Nature Reserve (EC10000434225627
33282704 Kap River Nature Reserve (EC03734221782241
33582416 Kareedouw Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33582430 Kareedouwberg (299) (EC0000000000000
33352637 Kariega Park Private Game Reserve (EC20434127151030
32152430 Karoo Nature Reserve (SA090) (EC10322040706126
30522707 Karringsmelkspruitkloof Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33382644 Kasouga Farm (99) (EC0000000000000
32322636 Katberg Forest (SA091) (EC0011000000002
32522722 King Williams Town Nature Reserve (EC0000101000103
34072423 Klasies River Cave (76) (EC0000000000000
31372637 Koos Ras Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33432340 Kouga Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33342651 Kowie Nature Reserve (EC1000020000014
34062446 Kromme Island Estates Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000202
34082450 Kromme River Mouth Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
34012430 Kromrivierspoort (151) (X) (EC0010000000001
32592519 Kruisementfontein (9) (EC0000000000000
32352718 Kubusi Indigenous Forest (SA092) (EC0120000001004
33082632 Kwandwe Private Game Reserve (EC10322632221226
33002754 Kwelera Forest Reserve (EC0000000000011
33532514 Ladys Slipper Nature Reserve (EC11211231302118
31522652 Lawrence de Lange Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33522502 Loerie Dam Nature Reserve (EC00122234011117
33482506 Loeriebos Nature Reserve (EC0000000003003
32542757 Lombardy Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
31522653 Longhill Nature Reserve (EC0000000000101
33592344 Lottering Coastal Forest (EC0000000010001
33572342 Lottering Main Forest (EC200071100000323
31372845 Luchaba Wildlife Reserve (EC0000000000000
33522522 Maitland Nature Reserve (EC10102120013011
33352638 Merville Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32082659 Mhoge (121) * (EC11353574623242
31162958 Mkambati Nature Reserve (SA087) (EC2000000003207
32142527 Mountain Zebra National Park (EC132292012231153510517182
32372636 Mpofu Nature Reserve (SA091) (EC0000000022004
32482744 Mpongo Private Game Reserve (EC0110000000103
33062747 Mtiza Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32382719 Nabakyu and Ufulane Forest (EC0000000000000
32522810 Nahoon Nature Reserve (EC6466634101156269
31372846 Nduli Nature Reserve (EC0000100104006
34072454 Noorsekloof Nature Reserve (EC0010000000012
30072938 Ntsikeni Nature Reserve (EC0201000000104
32382806 Ocean View Guest Farm (75) (EC00012222320014
32372616 One Oak Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
30222822 Ongeluksnek Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
30412547 Oviston Nature Reserve (EC0000010000001
34102436 Oyster Bay Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32232727 Patchwood Forest (EC0000000000000
32442716 Pierie Forest (Evelyn Valley) (SA092) (EC1102100000005
33582355 Plaatbos Nature Reserve (EC20033040000113
33072752 Potters Pass Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
31082810 Prentjiesberg Nature Reserve (163) (EC0000000000000
33232624 Pumba Private Game Reserve (EC0000000000000
32252727 Quacu Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32522809 Quenera Nature Reserve (EC0000000000011
32372710 Rabule Forest (EC0000000000000
32252642 Readsdale Forest (SA091) (EC1010300000005
34112445 Rebelsrus Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33222652 Roundhill Oribi Nature Reserve (EC0200000110004
30502812 Rush Valley Pan (162) (EC0000000000000
33002645 Sam Knott. Nature Reserve (part of GFRNR) (EC0110651351440049
34022530 Sardinia Bay Marine Reserve (EC0000100010002
34022531 Sardinia Bay  Nature Reserve (EC01310040200112
33352552 Schotia Safaris (EC0000010001103
33502617 Seal Island (Algoa Bay) (SA095) (EC0111000000003
34052454 Seekoerivier Nature Reserve (EC51045301214430
33412334 Sepreerivier Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33582536 Settlers Park Nature Reserve (EC91528251918221718182012221
33252605 Shamwari Private Game Reserve (EC0000022102108
31372930 Silaka Wildlife Reserve (EC0000000010001
33502618 Stag Island (Algoa Bay) (SA058) (EC0111000000003
33432455 Stinkhoutber Nature Reserve (EC1010000010003
31262633 Stormberg Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
34012351 Storms River Coastal Forest (EC0020001000014
33582351 Storms River Main Forest (EC0010000331008
32372726 Stutterheim Bird Sanctuary (EC0000000000000
32372723 Stutterheim Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
31392639 Stylvoetpad Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33382648 Sunshine Coast Nature Reserve (EC0000001010002
33522536 Swartkops Estuary MOSS (SA096) (EC51122300132121
34072522 Sylvic Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33572417 Tenax Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33322649 Terry Fitzgerald Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33332702 Tharfield Private Nature Reserve (EC0000010000102
33582522 The Island Nature Reserve (EC42325055326441
31352634 Themeda Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33242630 Thomas Baines Nature Reserve (EC12551211211224
32262716 Thomas River Conservancy (Amatola Eco Haven) (EC0000000000011
31192752 Thomson Dam Nature Reserve (EC21131111213017
33192556 Tootabi Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
32252710 Tor Doone (268) (EC0000000000000
33582340 Tsitsikamma National Park (SA098) (EC103063200764546
32102628 Tsolwana Nature Reserve (EC0004000000004
33372522 Uitenhage Nature Reserve (EC11701003241020
32452812 Umhlala Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
34002539 University Port Elizabeth Private Nature Reserve (EC11300210140013
33582514 Van Stadens River Mouth Reserve (EC0000000000112
33552512 Van Stadens Wild Flower Nature Reserve (EC03312330842231
33492511 Van Stadensberg (211) (EC0000000000000
33252655 Waters Meeting Nature Reserve (EC3100004100009
33592406 Witelsbos Main Forest (EC0020000000002
33532516 Witteklip Private Nature Reserve (EC0000000000000
33432617 Woody Cape Nature Reserve (SA094) (Now part of Addo Elephant National Park 3326CB) (EC121100343346138
33522453 Yellowwoods Nature Reserve (EC01301001017014
32372700 Zingcuka Forest (EC0000010000001
33202534 Zuurberg National Park (now part of Addo Elephant National Park 3325BC) (EC02100530110114
33502534 Zwartkops Valley Nature Reserve (SA096) (EC00032121200011